Token Sale Details

Initial Price Per Token:
$0.50 USD
Target Goal Raise Amount:
$200,000,000 USD
( 200,000,000 QMN Tokens Stage 1)
Min. Amount to Purchase:
$500 USD

Get 50% Bonus for the first 5 Million Tokens

Use of Proceeds

StealthCrypto® Allocation

Projected Roadmap

Business Model

StealthCrypto® has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape. Our high-performance network encryption for long-term data protection Quantum key generation and quantum key distribution

StealthCrypto® makes cloud storage, IoT , and communications secure, and faster with StealthCrypto’s patented StealthCrypto®.

About StealthCrypto®

Quantum Cyber Security for a new age of communications – We are developing the largest decentralized, incentivized, self-sustainable, quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology. Using proprietary, end-to-end Dynamic Split Encryption™, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™”, and quantum number generation, quantum key distribution and authentication. The Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography for data protection, as well as blockchain, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. The Team is creating a single Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) ecosystem that will be far superior than any existing ID systems, that is secure, private and available on demand.

StealthCrypto® and the Stealth Grid™ development team prides ourselves on strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 of employees working in R&D, including an international team of security experts and a number of world renowned cryptographers.

Our Team

Larry Castro

Chief Executive Officer

William Eilers

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Jay Dills

CIO and VP for Engineering

Darin Andersen

Chief Operating Officer

Jorge Andres Ramos Eguinoa

Development Team

Project Leader / Software Architect

James Scott

Development Team

Security Architect

Randy Hest

Development Team

Security Architect

Daniel Saavedra

UI and Design Team

Project Leader / Creative Director

Carlos Costantini

UI and Design Team

Graphic Designer

Gurminder Singh Khalsa

Advisory Board & QUBIT Blockchain Development

Stan Larimer

Advisory Board Godfather of BitShares

Darren McVean

Chief Executive Officer


Robin Pinzon

Project Manager, Software & Web Dept.


Jay Turla

Lead Engineer & Smart Contract Specialist


Sheryll Manguerra

Operations Manager


Juan Mercado

Director Of Quantum Technologies
PhD Mathematics & Physics

Krish Srikant

President SG India

Anuradha Biswas

COO SG India

Abhik Biswas

COO SG India

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The StealthCrypto® utility token will be the native cryptocurrency of the StealthCrypto® system. Funds collected through the token sale will be used to develop as well as activate and purchase StealthCrypto Cloud® products and products in the StealthCrypto® ecosystem. The values of StealthCrypto® tokens are fully dependent upon the developments of Stealth Grid™ and market demand.

How to join StealthCrypto®ICO

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Step 2

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  • Make sure that you get your email only from
  • Your account dashboard

Step 3

  • Buy QMN
  • Click
    to purchase StealthCrypto® token.

Step 4

• Select your Cryptocurrency

For example: I have Ethereum. Enter your desired investment amount in ETH.

Use the address stated or the QR code in the ICO and use this as your personal deposit address.

The amount you've deposited/purchased will reflect on your account through the StealthCrypto® wallet.

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You have joined StealthCrypto® ICO and will receive your QMN (token) shortly!

Pre Tokens Sale is TBA. Public IEO will launch soon.

Stealth Grids™ Trust Center has a suite of unified, encrypted communication products ready for market that will be activated by the StealthCrypto® token. Current market ready products include, IM, cloud storage and file sharing, email, voice, and video conferencing that use our proprietary Quantum cyber security technology, StealthCrypto®, as well as “AI Cyber Security™”. Using our patented , Dynamic end-to-end, Split Encryption™, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™”, and quantum authentication technology for data protection, blockchain, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. Stealth Grid™ is building an incentive based quantum mesh network that will radicalize present infrastructure based on our Qubit blockchain.

StealthCrypto® gives our users enormous power over his or her privacy and call anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or data. Stealth Grid aims to decentralize mobile communication with technologies that enable smart phones to communicate without relying on centralized infrastructures using our decentralized our Quantum mesh network – a first of its kind in the telecommunications industry.” All phones feature a built-in privacy control center giving users full control of access and functions of their phone. StealthCrypto® phone will be the most secure phone on the market and every app must be approved and downloaded from a secure StealthCrypto® page.

The StealthCrypto Cloud® NAS System is fully decentralized, with files distributed and stored all over the world, on different containers. This allows the network to be robust to attacks, with no central point of weakness. StealthCrypto Cloud™ NAS with an embedded wifi router container that connects to peer-to-peer cloud storage, telecommunications, communications, IOT connections, mining, and powered by StealthCrypto® incentive based Ecosystem. The system will Delivered Quantum Entropy engine, quantum key generation, key distribution and authentication.

Contact Details

Corporate Headquarters
World Trade Center 6 Bayside
Road 1st Floor – Unit 1.02
Gibraltar GX11 1AA
+ 350-2000-8085
Stealth Grid North America
Research & Development Office
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